Premium “Tĩn” fish sauce – pure “Rin” fish sauce

tat ca sản phẩm nước mắm Tĩn
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Delicious “virgin” fish sauce of Phan Thiet is the distinctive product of the Lang Chai Xua (Old fishing village) Fish Sauce Museum, with a salty taste at first and sweet taste lingering in mouth. “Tĩn” fish sauce is fish-condensed, making family meals more flavorful in every family’s meals.

Old Label “Tĩn” Fish Sauce 41N

Old label “Tĩn” Fish Sauce is a specially scarce product line in Vietnam. Fish sauce is stored in a 500ml earthenware pot (usually called “tĩn”) with a rope handle which is considered to bring the nostalgic story of Phan Thiet fish sauce in ancient times.

This product is the pure “Rin” fish sauce (first drops of first-press fish sauce). It is renowned for its 300-year-old brewing recipe in wooden barrels with fresh black anchovies and pure salt, which is completely natural and has no preservatives.

Protein content of 41N is absolute rin protein from anchovies. The ceramic container will limit light exposure and make the fish sauce to be brewed twice, making it even more tasty. Fish sauce has deep golden amber color and fish-condensed taste, which is a perfect go-to choice for gourmets, for the reception, or for honoured guests as a gift.

Product information:
Old label “Tĩn” Fish Sauce
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 275,000 VND / “tĩn”

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Red Label Fish Sauce 40N

Red label Fish sauce is very valuable “first drops of first-press fish sauce”, directly brewed from fresh black anchovies and pure salt. After that, the amount of protein sinks to the bottom of the barrel, enabling the first-press fish sauce to be leaked out. The first drops of fish sauce, therefore, are thick with deep golden amber color and absolutely flavorful.

Under 12 long months of natural fermentation, the traditional red label fish sauce of Phan Thiet contained in a 500ml glass bottle stands out with the glorious color and robust flavor, which is an unmissable product for meals of every family.

Product information:
Red label Fish sauce 40N
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 165,000 VND / bottle

Fish Sauce For Children 42N

Children’s Fish Sauce is pure “rin” fish sauce (first drops of the first-press fish sauce), which is a children-targeted product with “much fish less salt”. This product is extracted from fresh black anchovies and pure salt, yet the salt content will be lowered for the appropriateness of children’s taste.

The children’s fish sauce is naturally aged for 12 months, delivering premium fish sauce with 42N “rin” protein (protein from first drops of the first-press fish sauce). This product brings additional protein and natural amino acids hydrolyzed by the fish fermentation process, thereby, fortifying the comprehensive development of children.

Without preservatives, additives, or flavor enhancers, this version is utterly safe for children.

Product information:
Fish sauce for children
Capacity: 250ml
Product price: 190,000 VND / pair of bottles

Mini Bottle “Tĩn” Fish Sauce For Travelling (60ml)

Mini “Tĩn” Fish Sauce is pure “Rin” fish sauce, extracted in wooden barrels with fresh black anchovies and pure salt. Being brewed completely natural for 12 months, the mini-sized fish sauce bottle delivers a highly fish-condensed taste and natural sweet aftertaste.

“Tĩn” fish sauce with 40N protein rin from fish contained in a mini-sized glass bottle of 60ml is extremely luxurious and eye-catching. It is a handy option for picnics, traveling or business.

With a 60ml fish sauce bottle, your meal is always rich, no matter where you are.

Product information:
Mini-bottle Fish sauce
Capacity: 60ml
Product price: 250,000 VND / pack of 10 bottles

Sea Shrimp Fish Sauce 60N

Sea Shrimp Fish Sauce 60N

Sea shrimp fish sauce is directly extracted from 100% of fresh sea shrimp and refined salt according to the production process of Phan Thiet people. Going through 24 long months of being brewed in wooden barrels, then being selected from countless essences of the sea, premium fish sauce is generated with merely limited quantities. A wooden barrel can only produce 300 tons of fish sauce, which means that more than 6kg of marine shrimp can produce 1 liter of high-quality fish sauce reaching 60N – pure protein from marine shrimp.

The fish sauce droplets bring a sweet taste of shrimp meat, a fragrant flavor, and the crimson color of cooked shrimp. Its special taste lingering on your tongue would be engraved in your mind, even the most fastidious eaters.

Product information:
Sea shrimp fish sauce 60N
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 900,000 VND/ bottle

“Tĩn” Sea Shrimp Fish Sauce – The ruby of the ocean

“Tĩn” Sea Shrimp Fish Sauce - The ruby of the ocean

After the success of Sea Shrimp fish sauce 60N during Tet holiday 2020, this product line has been rising to popularity as a staple as well as a gift amongst customers. Accordingly, “Tĩn” fish sauce has launched a new product of sea shrimp fish sauce 45N, enabling consumers to eat sea shrimp fish sauce more often on a daily basis.

Pleased to introduce the premium Sea Shrimp fish sauce 45N with distinctive features:

– The sweetness of shrimp meat,
– The condensed taste of shrimp protein, and
– The beautiful crimson color of cooked shrimp

Altogether is one-of-a-kind ruby of the ocean, conscientiously honed by the most skilled artisans of Lang Chai Xua.

Product information:
Sea shrimp fish sauce 45N
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 350,000 VND / bottle

Shiitake Vegetarian Fish Sauce

Nước mắm chay Shiitake từ mấm ngọt của nhật Bản
Shiitake vegetarian fish sauce is made from the principal ingredients of Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake vegetarian fish sauce is made from the principal ingredients of Shiitake mushroom, Japanese soybeans, pineapple fragrant juice, pure salt, and natural rock sugar. Thanks to the fusion of these unique ingredients, the Shiitake vegetarian fish sauce stands out with its mild and sweet taste. This product absolutely is an ideal substitute for typical fish sauce and soy sauce in every meal, especially for vegetarian eaters.

Shiitake vegetarian fish sauce is scrumptious, nutritious and completely natural. Shiitake mushrooms are included in daily meals and become the secret to health of the Japanese.

Product information:
Shiitake vegetarian fish sauce
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 160,000 VND / bottle

Sea Sauce – Seaweed Dipping Sauce

Sea Sauce - Seaweed Dipping Sauce

Seaweed dipping sauce is sweet and less salty with ingredients entirely from nature such as fresh seaweed, pineapple fragrant juice, and algae sugar aged for many months by the recipe of the Lang Chai Xua fish sauce museum. The taste is also rich, mildly sweet and easy-to-eat.

Similar to other typical fish sauce, this product can be used for food distinct dipping, flavoring, and seasoning. However, thanks to the low-salty and plant-based recipe, it is regarded as a healthy product with a pleasant aroma.

Seaweed dipping sauce is the generation of the future for everyone and all their needs.

Product information:
Seaweed dipping sauce
Capacity: 500ml
Product price: 165,000 VND / bottle

Red Anchovy Fish Sauce

Red Anchovy Fish Sauce

Red anchovy fish sauce with a protein content of 60N is one of the special and high-end products from Lang Chai Xua Fish Sauce Museum.

This type of fish sauce is brewed from precious red anchovies with pure salt of Binh Thuan, naturally brewed for 36 months instead of 12-14 months like other types of fish, reaching a protein of 60N. Fish sauce made from red anchovies stands out with attractive red color, distinctive rich aroma, and naturally sweet taste from fish protein, which is appreciated as the most scrumptious among “rin” anchovy fish sauce.

The product is contained in a 250ml “tĩn” (earthenware pot) with glorious yellow background and highlighting red pattern that brightens every place.

Product information:
Golden anchovy (red gut) fish sauce 60N
Capacity: 250ml
Product price: 250,000 VND / “tĩn”

Which Phan Thiet Fish Sauce Is Delicious?

Which Phan Thiet Fish Sauce Is Delicious?

Phan Thiet has acquired a reputation for many brands of delicious anchovy fish sauce, either in Vietnam or in international markets. However, to answer the question of which Phan Thiet fish sauce is tasty and should be purchased when traveling, “rin” fish sauce definitely is a go-to choice. “Rin” fish sauce, also known as the first drops of first-press fish sauce, is extremely scarce and valuable due to the fact that its production quantity is limited and not used by many manufacturers for sale. However, Lang Chai Xua Fish Sauce Museum (Phu Hai, Phan Thiet) is amongst the prestigious places where you can buy this product.

“Rin” fish sauce is the dialect of the ancient fishermen in Phan Thiet. It is also well-known for a familiar name “nuoc mam nhi”, which is a term to call the first extraction of liquid from a fermented barrel. The fish sauce is, therefore, more precious than other traditional fish sauce. The characteristic of this product is its fish-condensed taste with the salty flavor on the tongue and the sweet aftertaste of the fish.

How Much Is “Nuoc Mam Nhi” (First-Press Fish Sauce)?

How Much Is “Nuoc Mam Nhi” (First-Press Fish Sauce)?

Due to its scarcity, the price of “nuoc mam nhi” is usually higher than other normal fish sauce, which ranges from 165,000 VND to 900,000 VND per liter depending on what type of used material during the production process.

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