May you know the unexpected benefits of traditional fish sauce?

nước mắm ngon truyền thống Cung cấp Omega3
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Traditional fish sauce is brewed from black anchovies and pure salt, which is an indispensable spice in every family meal. Not only does fish sauce add a rich flavor and deliciousness to the dish, but it also provides healthy nutrients.

Provide A Healthy Source Of Amino Acids

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Naturally fermented by the aging process of fish and salt, fish sauce will generate many amino acids in the hydrolysis process. In particular, thanks to the enzyme system available in the intestines of fish, amino acids are cut into pieces, which facilitates the direct absorption function of your body. According to studies, traditional fish sauce contains 5/8 essential amino acids for the body, namely Valine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Methionine, and Lysine.

Specifically, Valine helps to regulate the body, support sleep, and work up a great appetite. Isoleucine helps to monitor blood sugar levels and assist health recovery after vigorous exercise. Meanwhile, Phenylalanine improves your memory and your skin and Methionine has a protective effect on liver cells against poisoning. Finally, lysine helps increase calcium absorption, metabolism, and other nutrients in the body. Especially, it is produced for the appropriateness of children’s taste and it also fortifies the comprehensive development of children. Owing to a deficiency of lysine in the body, children can experience certain issues, including anorexia, slow growth, and lack of digestive enzymes. However, this micronutrient is very easy to be destroyed during cooking. Therefore, lysine naturally fermented in fish sauce is very beneficial and precious.

Supplement Your Diet With Natural Vitamin

Hàm lượng Vitamin tự nhiên có trong nước mắm

Thanks to the natural brewing from fish and salt, the content of some vitamins such as B1, B2, PP, and especially B12 in fish sauce would be increased. It is estimated that for every 100 ml of fish sauce, there will be 5 micrograms of vitamin B12. It is extremely useful in the hematopoiesis process, keeping a stable nervous system, and supporting a better cell multiplication process. In particular, vitamin B12 is essential for pregnant women to improve the rate of healthy childbirth and prevent birth defects. According to international standards, 2.2 mcg of B12 must be supplied in the daily diet of pregnant women or lactating women. As for the average person, about 2.4 mcg is needed for the body to function properly.

More importantly, vitamin B12 cannot be synthesized in the body by itself, yet through the traditional fish sauce we consume every day. Besides, there are some other B12-containing food sources such as yogurt, meat and so on.

Supplement Your Diet With Iron

nước mắm ngon truyền thống Cung cấp Omega3

Iron is a useful nutrient available in fish sauce, which is also one of the essential micronutrients for body functioning. In the scientific light of nutrition experts, for every 10ml of pure fish sauce from anchovies, there will be about 10mg of natural iron. Due to the use of traditional fish sauce, the rate of iron deficiency anemia among women in our country has shrunk over the years. As such, the risk of premature birth or maternal and baby mortality would be inhibited.

According to the folk experience of the highland ethnic groups, pregnant women are more likely to strengthen their bodies with fish sauce-seasoned dishes, such as braised meat and fish stock. Because they have been supplemented with the necessary iron content for the body, they do possess healthy skin

The history of traditional Phan Thiet fish sauce industry:

Provide A Powerful Source Of Omega 3

As a naturally hydrolyzed product, the omega 3 content is high in fish sauce. Especially, anchovies in fish sauce abound in omega 3. About 100g of anchovy will contain 2113 mg of Omega 3.

This is also one of the essential fats for the body, having an effect of blood fat reduction, heart protection, and brain development. Omega 3 also plays an extremely important role in nerve and vision development in children. For people barely eating fish, fish sauce is the high-preferred natural source of omega 3.

As can be seen, fish sauce is not just a spice in cooking, a dipping sauce in the meal, but also a great source of nutrients completely from nature. Those benefits are only available in original fish sauce.

Being brewed from anchovy and pure salt and naturally fermented for 12 months in wooden barrels, the fish sauce has a rich sweet taste of fish meat and the fresh flavor of the sea, yet still produce essential nutrients for the body. “Nuoc mam Tin” is an ideal origin fish sauce for Vietnamese health.

Keep Body Warm

According to the scientists, going through hydrolysis of fish and salt, fish sauce has a high natural protein content, which is a very good source of energy for the body. Hence, before immersing into the water, professional divers will often use a small amount of pure fish sauce for body warm keeping.

Spice Up The Dish

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It is an acknowledgement that only Asian countries use fish sauce, but few people know that so do Western ones. Without fish sauce, dishes’ taste will not be fully complete.

Also, before baking pizza, Italian chefs will pour a little fish sauce over the cake to make it more flavorful and attractive.

In addition, in some countries around the world, many people also have the habit of adding a little fish sauce to a cup of coffee, making it more intense and fragrant.

Delicious Fish Sauce Helps To Eliminate Fishy Odors

Cá kho tiêu với nước mắm ngon truyền thống

Fish sauce is not only a spice that adds a rich flavor and aroma to the dish, but also has the effect of eliminating the fishy smell of internal organs.

To get rid of the intense smell without losing their natural flavor, you simply dilute the pure fish sauce with warm water, then use the mixture to wash the food. By this way, the unfavorable smell would be removed, contributing to more deliciousness of dishes.

Notes When Using Fish Sauce

Notes When Using Fish Sauce

• Each person should only consume at most 15-30ml per day. Otherwise, there would be adverse effects on the body.

• Children aged 2 years and older should use children’s fish sauce with an appropriate dose for their age. You can refer to our Children’s Fish Sauce with the “less salt much fish” formula, supplementing adequate nutrients for children.

• Do not use fish sauce of unknown origin and containing many additives.

Preserve Fish Sauce In A Proper Way

Nước mắm Tĩn đựng nước mắm rin của phan thiết

• Should be kept in a dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight from the sun.

• Should cover carefully to keep the fish sauce delicious and clean after opening.

• Do not store fish sauce in the refrigerator because it will alter amino acids.

It is apparent that fish sauce is a great spice as well as a rich and convenient nutritional supplement at an affordable price. Use fish sauce every day to make meals more flavorful and healthier for the whole family.

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