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the origin of the name “nuoc mam tin”

The name “Nuoc mam Tin” (Tin fish sauce) originated 300 years ago when the fishermen in Phan Thiet extracted first-press fish sauce (which is called “nuoc mam rin”) from huge wooden barrels into a unique kind of earthenware pot called “Tin”. It was the top-seller fish sauce in Vietnam years ago. Since its high concentration of fish protein, a bottle of “Nuoc mam Tin” can be watered down to make 3-4 bottles of regular fish sauce.

The difference between The original “Nuoc mam rin” and “Nuoc mam nhi”

“Rin” is how the fishermen in coastal villages throughout Phan Thiet area call the first drops of the first-press flowing from the huge barrels. Therefore “Nuoc mam rin” is more valuable than “Nuoc mam nhi” (which is used to call the first press fish sauce generally). The particular taste of “Nuoc mam rin” is the high concentration of fish protein, accompanies with slightly salty flavour from the beginning, and the sweet of fish comes after. “Nuoc mam Tin” uses that type of precious fish sauce.

300 years of “Nuoc mam Tin” history in The Fish Sauce Museum of Lang Chai Xua

“Nuoc mam Tin” recipe is retrieved and stored in The Fish Sauce Museum of Lang Chai Xua. Fish sauce is bottled in “tin” as it was made 300 years ago, after being extracted from the enormous wooden barrels using the natural ingredients: fresh fatty black anchovies and pure salt using the traditional process without preservatives.


TiN fish sauce

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Tĩn gốm xưa đựng nước mắm trong bảo tàng Làng Chài Xưa


nước mắm Tĩn là nước mắm Rin Nguyên Chất


the first fish sauce museum in viet nam

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