How to make anchovy fish sauce according to a traditional recipe at home

Cách chọn nước mắm giàu axit amin
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For housewives, perhaps the most intriguing thing is that they can make their own dishes for their family and attain great compliments about their skillfulness. That is why they are more likely to accumulate distinctive recipes that they can process by themselves and hone their culinary skills. And the major aim is merely the gratification and happiness of their beloved ones when enjoying home-cooked dishes. Yet, have mothers and wives ever conceived of making anchovy fish sauce with a traditional recipe at home? Surprisingly, it’s easy indeed, let’s be ready to note down the recipe right now.

What Is Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce (nước mắm in Vietnamese) is a fermented condiment made from fish or krill that have been coated in salt and fermented for up to two years. It’s a common ingredient in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnamese cuisine. And it’s also found in Cambodian, Thai, Burmese, Filipino, and Lao dishes. If you’re a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, then you’ve probably known that fish sauce is a must-have for your meals. The salty, savory ingredient is used to add umami to dozens of popular dishes, such as broken rice (cơm tấm), but can also be used to marinate meats, dress vegetables or punch up the flavor in noodle soups (phở, bún bò,…) or pork and fish stews (thịt kho, cá kho,…).

Fish Sauce – The Quintessence of National Cuisine

Nước mắm cá cơm ngon truyền thống
Delicious anchovy fish sauce is made in a traditional recipe

There is no doubt that fish sauce is the essence of everyday dishes. In the kitchen, it is utilized as an indispensable spice for any cookery method and a vital element to make dozens of different sauces for each dish as well. Obviously, fish sauce is something extremely familiar and significant.

That is why choosing fish sauce for their own family and for each dish always does matter to housewives. It is a common belief that fish sauce is produced according to the perfect recipe with full flavor. Hardly do people think it can be made at home. It is mainly because there usually are giant containers to generate thousands of liters of fish sauce in accordance with a clear complex recipe in fish sauce-making factories. How can you do this at home easily?

cách làm nước mắm cá cơm tại nhà

In fact, it is not as complicated as what others may imagine. Nothing is difficult provided that housewives are willing to learn and make it. Hence, the story of making anchovy sauce according to the traditional recipe at home is entirely possible, do you believe? Please believe it!

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How To Make Anchovy Fish Sauce From A Traditional Recipe At Home

cách làm nước mắm cá cơm truyền thống tại nhà
How to make anchovy fish sauce at home

For some housewives, they do not feel satisfied with any kind of industrial fish sauce on the market, but have not yet found a traditional home-made sauce recipe, so if you want to make your own anchovy fish sauce at home, please try the below recipe.

Maybe you can make a favorable fish sauce according to the delicious traditional recipe by yourself.

Prepare Ingredients To Make Anchovy Fish Sauce

– 2kg fresh anchovies
– 600 grams of refined salt
– Glass jars or ceramic jars.

Note that this formula can be completely adjusted to suit the amount that your family can consume, just keep the standard ratio. Now, let’s start right away.

+ Step1: You should choose anchovies with strong fresh bodies, especially mature anchovies, neither too old nor too small.

After buying, remember to wash it thoroughly. If you are careful, you can soak the anchovies with dilute saltwater, then take out the fish to drain it. One should note that fish for fish sauce in the dry season and especially caught offshore would be better because this fish is completely natural, without any impurities of coastal waste and pollutants.

làm nước mắm cá cơm truyền thống tại nhà
Choosing large, fresh anchovies to make delicious fish sauce

+ Step 2: This fish-marinating stage is also very important; the salting of fish is not just about mixing the fish and salt together. Yet, the key element to note is the mixing ratio 3:1 which means 3 kg anchovy fish and 1 kg salt. This is also the brewing process that people who make fish sauce often call.

Cá cơm ủ chượp với muối tinh khiết
Anchovies are brewed with pure salt

Another great tip to speed up this process is adding a few pieces of ground pineapple. Next, cover up the mixture and wait for about 2 to 4 days. Until the fish is ripe, you remove the stopper in the jar to have the dripping water called “nước bổi”. This water is necessarily dried in the sun and stirred frequently. Although containing extremely much fish protein, it is not yet finished and has quite an odor.

+ Step 3: This is considered as the most demanding step. Following the brewing process, you continue to sprinkle salt on the top to create an anaerobic environment below and then, dry fish sauce in the sun for 3 to 4 days.

Afterward, you can gain a fermented and ripened fish product with a distinctive smell of anchovy. Later, use a sieve filter through this fish water into the jar. Don’t be surprised that the amount of water collected is only half, you continue to dry this juice in a sunny outdoor place. It is significant to stir the juice regularly during the drying period. Times fall between 25 and 40 days.

ủ chượp nước mắm cá cơm trong lu để tránh ánh sáng
Fish sauce brewed in a ceramic jar avoiding light would taste better than ones in a glass jar

+ Step 4: In the end, pour the mixture in the jar into a filter cloth and let the water drip down naturally. In this way, the fish body will not be drifted down. The finished product you get is the traditional anchovy fish sauce, but if you want to enjoy the standard fish sauce, you still need to dry it in the sun for additional 14 to 21 days to create clarity and ripeness for fish sauce.

Nước mắm cá cơm ngon nguyên chất

As such, the recipe for making anchovy fish sauce in the traditional way is completed, have you recorded them all? If you have spare time, give it a try. Otherwise, let’s find the right choice for the traditional anchovy fish sauce. And can “Nuoc mam Tin” be your choice? This is a well-known fish sauce brand with its 300-year recipe from Phan Thiet fishing village, which will absolutely meet everyone’s kitchen standards.

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